Why Sorin Winner driving school ?

Sorin Winner driving school has as a mission to form future safe, responsible and autonomic drivers. Choosing our school means getting advantage of a pedagogic approach personalized for each learning process steps with the availability of the best tools and methods in order to facilitate the integration to the information on the theoretical plan and the application of the driving techniques.

We are putting our intentions for all our clienteles aiming a professional quality and service.

Here are the steps to follow :

Register to a driving course in a driving school accredited by the A.Q.T.R. There is a theoretical part (5 modules of 2 hours). After passing with success the 1st theoretical exam, you have to obtain your beginner driving licence.


Congratulation, now you must continue the theoretical course (7 modules of 2 hours) and the driving practice simultaneously (total of 15 hours). Once this is completed and a 10 months delay passed, you can write the theoretical exam.


Congratulations !

You have passed the theoretical exam and you are one step away from getting you driving licence. We have a minimum of 2 months delay for practicing in our driving school to finish the remaining practical course.


After passing the 2 months minimum delay, you can now pass the driving test and get your probationary driving licence.


Good Luck !